Sweden's biggest democratic forum

During the first week of July 20 000 people will meet to discuss societal and political issues at the Almedalen week in Visby, Sweden. It is the eight political parties that hosts Sweden's biggest democratic forum.

The annual forum started in 1968 and is open for everyone that wants to discuss a current issue. This year over 2000 seminars will be held and about 750 journalists will cover the event. Local and national politicians, government officials, researchers, lobbyists and representatives of non-governmental organizations meet to discuss issues ranging from health care, gender equality, education, sustainable development and the economy.

This year Mistra Urban Futures will arrange two seminars. One regarding the effect that climate change has on our cities, what kind of adaptation is needed and possible financing options. The other seminar will discuss the million homes program and extensive renovation and energy efficiency that are needed. The focus will be on the responsibility of the building companies and alternative business models. The million homes program refers to the million homes built during the 1960´s and 1970´s. The initiative was subsidized by the government.

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