Solid Waste Management: Recommendations for Kisumu, Kenya

Oloko, M., Capuano Mascarenhas, L., Ness, B., Otiende, F. (2019) Solid Waste Management: Recommendations for Kisumu, Kenya. Mistra Urban Futures Policy Brief 2019:1

Kisumu Global Skåne
Publication type
Report/Paper/Working paper/Brief
Solid Waste Management KLIP-practical action project on solid waste actors in Kisumu City
Michael Oloko Luciana Capuano Mascarenhas Barry Ness Frankline Otiende
Published year
Municipal solid waste
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How did Kachok dumpsite in Kisumu City develop into a crisis?



Kisumu City generates approximately 400 tonnes of solid waste per day, 20%-25% of which is collected to the open dump site. Of the total municipal solid waste that is collected, 65% is organic and another 27% is recyclable (County of Kisumu, 2015). The collection and handling of municipal solid waste poses a significant challenge in Kisumu City. The closure in August 2019 of Kachok dumpsite within the city compromises any progress made in the solid waste management system.
With this closure in view, government officials have worked diligently to foster new options and opportunities for solid waste collection and disposal. While these measures are commendable, they are not adequate to address the urgency and scale of the situation. Additional planning measures in conjunction with concrete actions must be pursued to better ensure a more comprehensive and sustainable system for managing municipal solid waste in Kisumu.

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