Positioning ecotourism destinations in Kisumu County: cultural diversity perspective

Achieng, D.O., Hayombe, P.O. & Agong, S.G. (2014). Positioning ecotourism destinations in Kisumu County: cultural diversity perspective. IOSR Journal of Computer Engineering (IOSR-JCE), 16, 16-26.

Publication type
Scientific article (peer-reviewed)
Journal of Computer Engineering
2278-0661 2278-8727
David Omondi Achieng Patrick O. Hayombe Stephen G. Agong
Published year
Positioning Ecotourism Destination Kisumu County Cultural Diversity



Positioning of ecotourism destination is crucial to survival and success of business value chain of the cultural sites as alternative source of livelihood of the local communities in Kisumu County. This paper sought to establish significant factors to consider in branding cultural sites as ecotourism destinations for sustainable livelihood in Kisumu County and its environs. This study was anchored on Place Branding Theory and Social Exchange Theory. The study adopted descriptive embedded case design and cross-sectional survey in the three selected units of analysis methodology with both quantitative and qualitative approaches to source and analyze data. The finding established that positioning of ecotourism destinations will increase visitations in Kisumu County and create business value chain opportunities for sustainable source of livelihood.

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