Ecotourism in the Digital Century. Kisumu Local Interaction Platform (KLIP) Ecotourism Symposium and Expo July 25th -27th 2013

Odede, F.Z.A., Hayombe, P.O., Ananga, G.O. & Agong, S.G. (2014). Ecotourism in the Digital Century - Kisumu Local Interaction Platform (KLIP) Ecotourism Symposium and Expo July 25th -27th 2013. Kisumu: Mistra Urban Futures.  

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Report/Paper/Working paper/Brief
Frederick Odede Patrick Hayombe George Ananga Stephen G. Agong’
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Kisumu Local Interaction Platform in Conjunction with Jaramogi Oginga University of Science and Technology organized a 3-day fish night, ecotourism symposium and expo from 25th-27 July 2013. The event was held at Dunga Beach and Kisumu National Museum. The event brought together over 150 participants from academia, private sector, community and County Government of Kisumu. The event was organized to share the previous year (2012) KLIP ecotourism research findings, discuss challenges and opportunities for ecotourism in Kisumu region and develop ecotourism development strategy with the stakeholders in Kisumu city and its environs. The workshop objectives was to dissemination of the KLIP 2012 ecotourism research findings; to increase awareness of ecotourism transformation for sustainable development of Kisumu County and its environs; and to explore opportunities and challenges for up-scaling ecotourism in Kisumu county and its environs. 

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