Urban Health and Equality

We are undertaking work on the relationship between the urban environment and health (and how to promote better health and wellbeing through planning and design) and on healthcare (specifically with regard to HIV/AIDS) and how this can be improved. These two streams of work are co-funded through the PEAK urban project and will continue until 2021. Key deliverables during 2019 are: two journal articles, and a presentation on health and sexuality at the American Association of Geographers conference in Washington DC in April 2019.

Project members

  • Warren Smit

    Centrally involved in establishing the Cape Town Local Interaction Platform of Mistra Urban Futures in 2010, and a key part of CTLIP planning, budgeting and reporting ever since. Research on various aspects of urban governance, particularly strategic urban planning and the governance of informal settlements. 

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  • Andrew Tucker

    Dr Andrew Tucker is the Acting Director of the African Centre for Cities, Cape Town.

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Amy Weimann

Amy Weimann is a Junior Research Fellow at the Centre for African Cities, Cape Town.

Neil Hassan

Neil Hassan is a Junior Research Fellow at University of Cape Town and is completing a PhD in psychology at Stellenbosch University.