Smart and Open Cities: Innovative eGovernance Systems for Communities

eGovernance has the aim to meet the urban challenges of citizen participation and efficiency and tranparency within the public sector. This has a bearing on policy legitimization and communication in the network society. 

The project will develop, together with citizens, scientists, innovators, businesses and decision makers, innovative e-governance systems for citizen participation, cooperation, communication and transparency. The primary goal of the project is to achieve these effects thus contributing to a more sustainable society. A central principle of the project is developing the systems cooperatively, involving stakeholders from multiple sectors of society with intended effect of creating synergies like knowledge transfer and mutual trust between public sector and civil society.The project shall: develop, evaluate and test a communication hub utilising the potential of geographic data and mobile technology; identify needs and challenges within governance faced by citizens, businesses, organisations, policy makers and public officials; develop services targeting these needs and analyse structural factors like: organisational abarriers, organisational learning, policy and technological lock in.

Method used are:

1. Service design

2. Urban Living labs

3. Hackathons

Links to follow eGovernance prototypes:

Distributed sensors for sound metering (

Koll på stan (in Swedish)

Results/dissemination (in Swedish):


The project gruop includes:

Project leader Heiti Ernits

Richard Waern (workshop methodologies – Hållbar utveckling Väst/Gothenburg Region Association of Local Authorities)

Eric Jeanson (GIS-specialist, City of Gothenburg)

Johan Olovsson (, City of Borås)

Joakim Forsemalm (researcher, Radar Arkitekur och Planering AB)

Mikael Granberg (researcher, Karlstad University)

Magnus Eriksson (researcher/service designer, Interactive Institute)

Albin Andersson (service designer, SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden)

Robert Friberg (System developer, Devrex AB)

Marcus Kempe (SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden)

Daniel Antonsson (stakeholder – Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions)