GAPS in Greater Manchester: Working with the Low Carbon Hub

Mistra Urban Futures’ international pilot project – Governance and Policy for Sustainability (GAPS)  – set out to examine the challenges and transition pathways in Gothenburg, Cape Town, Kisumu and Greater Manchester.

GAPS in Greater Manchester involves a partnership between researchers at the University of Salford Manchester and the Greater Manchester Low Carbon Hub to undertake three key tasks: first, to map the baseline challenges around the governance, policy and knowledge base for sustainability and identify barriers and opportunities; second, to explore options for addressing these challenges and understand differences and similarities in perspectives between city-regional and local authority officials and community groups; third, to assess the feasibility of different options and taking shared actions.

The process of joint working includes defined individual tasks, reflexive interviews, ‘check and challenge’ meetings, combined presentations, joint project management and planning and co-analysis and co-writing.

Blog posts: From Gothenburg to Greater Manchester

Steve Connor reports from a project workshop with Gothenburg, Cape Town, Kisumu and Greater Manchester, sharing their insights on how sustainability is governed and delivered in their respective cities. Read

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