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Cultural Heritage and the Just City

Cultural heritage is recognised as a priority within SDG-11, as a process that adds to the development of sustainable cities and communities. This baseline study project considers the role and value of cultural heritage in the realising just cities context, in four steps:

  • A state of the art/literature review
  • An anthology of practices
  • collaborative writing; and
  • a project development process.

Researchers from Cape Town, Sheffield-Manchester and Gothenburg (Beth Perry, Rike Sitas, Helene Brembeck and Niklas Sorum) have produced the state-of-the-art report that will be worked into a review article for publication in 2018 in International Journal of Heritage Studies.

Gotheburg and Sheffield-Manchester are two of the partners in the co-funded CHIME project. Along with Cape Town and Kisumu, the state-of-the-art review and anthology of practices will be produced by researchers from these platforms. The other Platforms have been invited to participate to discuss opportunities for comparative work projects around cultural engagement, heritage, festivals and the just city. Additional themes being explored are around cultural planning, the creative economy and creative industries.

It is acknowledged that culture and cultural heritage are necessary components in a process aiming at ‘Realising Just Cities’. This project draws on experience, knowledge and outcome of various projects – primarily within music, tangible and intangible heritage and festivals – to inform policies and disseminate recommendations, knowledge and experience to a wider audience and to other cities, local governments and regions.



  • Festivals as Integrative Sites

Project members

  • Rike Sitas

    Ph.D. Researcher at ACC since 2013. Coordinates Mistra Urban Futures,, Cities Alliance Africa Think Tank, Public Art and the Power of Place. Fascinated by the intersection of culture and cities, and more speicifically the role of art in urban life. Unpacking the notions of public space and public life in Southern cityness.

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