Introduction: Bringing communities and culture together.

Jones, P., Perry, B., Long, P. (2019). Introduction: bringing communities and culture together. In P. Jones, B. Perry, P. Long (Eds) Cultural intermediaries connecting community: revisiting approaches to cultural engagement. (Chapter 1). Bristol: Policy Press.

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Book chapter
Cultural Heritage and Just Cities
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Introduction: bringing communities and culture together.
Cultural intermediaries connecting communities
Phil Jones Beth Perry Paul Long
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Based on a four-year research project which highlights the important role of community organisations as intermediaries between community and culture, this book analyses the role played by cultural intermediaries who seek to mitigate the worst effects of social exclusion through engaging communities with different forms of cultural consumption and production. The authors challenge policymakers who see cultural intermediation as an inexpensive fix to social problems and explore the difficulty for intermediaries to rapidly adapt their activity to the changing public-sector landscape and offer alternative frameworks for future practice.

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