Communication and Engagement in Environmental Governance 

This PhD project will explore how citizens in Greater Manchester can participate in the development of the environmental vision and mission for Greater Manchester and coproduce strategic documents and implementation plans with the Greater Manchester Low Carbon Hub.

Project members

  • Ryan Bellinson

    Ryan is a PhD student focusing on communication, engagement and environmental governance in Greater Manchester. A partnership agreement has been made with the Greater Manchester Low Carbon Hub to develop an action research project to effectively engage the public in developing climate change and environmental policies. This will build on the new Greater Manchester Mayor’s Green Summit planned for March 2018. Ryan’s research will contribute to the SMLIP’s work on Participatory Cities which seeks to improve communication between government decision-makers with citizens and civil society groups within the Greater Manchester city-region.

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Beth Perry

Professor Beth Perry is the Director of the Sheffield Manchester Local Interaction Platform for Mistra Urban Futures.

Aidan While

Aidan is a Senior Lecturer and Urban Studies and Planning and co-director of the Urban Institute at the University of Sheffield. His work focuses on the opportunities and challenges of managing urban change with a particular focus on urban environmentalism.