How is the city and space connected?

Space research can provide the poor in developing countries a better life, says Maria Nyström professor of Design for Sustainable Development at Chalmers University of Technology and involved in Mistra Urban Futures platform in Kisumu, Kenya.

Mary Nyström and her colleagues have worked for many years with both NASA and ESA (EuropeanSpace Agency). They have simulated missions to Mars and this knowledge can contribute to urban planning in developing countries. Developing systems that are crucial for life, such as water supply, that are both environmentally friendly and people-friendly is very important, especially as urbanization increases dramatically over the next 50 years.

Using closed loops is the only thing that works on moon bases and manned trips to Mars. Toilet water is reused and everything needs to be recycled. Many slums outside cities lack functioning sewage treatment plants. But it is possible to transfer the closed loops systems from Mars expeditions to the slums and thus purify the water district by district.


Photo news overview: Stockexchange, Gliderm