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Green production contributes to new training opportunities

The Project Green Production has during 2013-2014 identified two main areas that can strengthen and create opportunities for local food production that is financially viable within and around the city: New business models linking producers with consumers and training that links together farming and entrepreneurship.

To strengthen the training opportunities, Green production has been one of the partners in the preparation of the new Foodmaker GBG training, which are three short Folk High School courses. Brunnsviks Folkhögskola arranges the training in cooperation with Changemaker Educations AB, Studiefrämjandet, and the Gothenburg based network Food Lab West. The first course has already started and is aimed at people who are working or wants to start working with food, such as urban farmers.

The plan is also to start a Higher Vocational Education training called FoodMaker. A joint application with Changemaker Educations AB, Coompanion, Stadslandet, Stadsjord and Studiefrämjandet has been sent in, and the decision is expected to be announced in January 2015.

The idea is also to arrange shorter so called FoodMaker courses about food and food production aim at kitchen staff, teachers, city officials, restaurant owners etc.

The project Green production is financed by the Delegation for Sustainable Cities.

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