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Crowdsourcing the City

Mistra Urban Futures, NewCities and partners will bring together, for a one-day event, the policymakers from more than 20 cities alongside 100 of the most insightful actors in community development, planning, design, real estate, technology, social innovation, and finance.

Through interactive workshops, panel presentations and high-level discussions, the gathering will define the emerging tools within civic crowdfunding and crowdsourcing and their capacity in grassroots, public, and private use-cases as a formal tool for developing and enhancing civic spaces and community assets.

The interactive day-long discussion will:

  • Emphasize civic environment as a latent resource for public, private, and local development stakeholders;
  • Highlight concrete civic crowdfunding initiatives from around the world;
  • Explore crowd urbanism as an emerging tool for ‘sensing the city’ with the potential to fill in the gaps between big-ticket items in profit-driven development;
  • Connect stakeholders and the non-traditional actors that should be involved in the future development and implementation of crowd urbanism projects;
  • Determine and define the necessary tools and potential in mainstreaming the use of crowd urbanism for private developers, urban designers, city planners, philanthropy, and the smart-city industry.

Please note that this is a by-invitation-only event. Use this link to ask for an invitation.



  • Crowdsourcing the City Program
  • Crowdsourcing the City - Outcome Report
    On 24 April 2018, NewCities and Mistra Urban Futures partnered to explore the opportunities and challenges of 'crowd urbanism' and crowdsourcinfg with an international group of policymakers, municipal leaders, planners and designers, alongside leading actors in crowdfunding and crowdsourcing.The event convened 150 experts across disciplines and sectors for a ground-breaking gathering of knowledge, trends, and insightful perspectives from different experiences of crowd urbanism around the world.

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