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Mistra Urban Futures welcomes COP21 Agreement

The final agreement text from COP21 has already been described as the mark of a ”historic turning point” by the French president of the negotiations, foreign minister Laurent Fabius.

The 31 page document includes the ambitions, objectives and means to achieve a level well below the 2° temperature increase, i.e. towards the 1.5 degrees level that lately has been argued for by many so-called ‘developing countries’.

Concerning sustainable urban development, the agreement’s first section concludes that the ‘Conference of Parties’ (COP, i.e. the member nations) agrees to uphold and promote cooperation and mobilize stronger actions also by non-Party stakeholders, including cities and other subnational authorities and local communities.

The COP also recognizes the social, economic and environmental value of voluntary mitigation actions and their benefits for sustainable development; this said in the ambition of ensure the highest possible mitigation efforts, already up to 2020. Furthermore, the Conference of Parties encourages the nations to engage in the process with relevant non-Party stakeholders, to share experiences and suggestions, and to cooperate in the implementation of policies and practices.

The COP emphasises the relationship that climate change actions and impacts have with poverty eradication and access to sustainable development.

Finally, the agreement text says that the COP welcomes the efforts of all non-Party stakeholders to address and respond to climate change, including cities and other subnational authorities.

“The COP agreement reflects the progress in getting UN member states to recognise the importance of sub-national entities, especially cities, in addressing climate change. This is greatly to be welcomed”, says David Simon, professor and director of Mistra Urban Futures. 


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