Khayelitsha informal settlement in Cape Town

Informal settlements, like Khayelitsha in Cape Town, are particularly at risk during the pandemic, writes Warren Smit in "Tackling Covid-19 in Informal Settlements in Cape Town". Picture Olga Ernst, CC-NC-SA


Cities and the Covid-19 pandemic

The Sida-funded "Consolidation Phase" of Mistra Urban Futures, 2020, naturally has been heavily influenced by the ongoing pandemic. A series of events that were planned have been canceled or re-developed into virtual meetings and the publication of books and articles have been delayed.  Sida and Chalmers University of Technology have agreed to extend the 12 month programme to 15 months, i.e. ending 31 March 2021.

Meanwhile, parts of the planned work for 2020 have been re-arranged to cover some urban aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic:

Blog posts

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