Utilization of Network Technologies in Market Information Exchange in Kisumu City, Kenya

Rabare, S., Wagah, G.G., Onyango, G.M. (2014). Utilization of network technologies in market information exchange in Kisumu City, Kenya. International journal of Marketing Studies, vol. 6, no. 6, pp. 81-90.

Publication type
Scientific article (peer-reviewed)
Market places
International Journal of Marketing Studies
1918-719X 1918-7203
Susan R.A. Rabare George G. Wagah Geroge M Onyango
Published year



In today’s marketplaces, information products are vital tools with which city governments and businesses can optimize their capacities and make cities more livable. Cities should treat their digital infrastructure and the data as a market creation asset that can propel economic development. Despite the opportunities posted by network technologies, optimal utilization remains a challenge for local authorities and businesses in developing countries. This paper examines the utilization of network technologies in market information exchange in Kisumu City of Kenya based on a case study which involved stratified random sampling of 40 staff of Kisumu City Council and systematic sampling of 260 small business enterprises. The study shows that 72% of business respondents and 77% of City Council respondents used some form of network technology, a clear indication that the technologies has been adopted. The major technology trends include use of internet at 54% by the business enterprises and 67 % by the council staff. Technology has contributed positively to both work and business despite the impediments which include financial constraint and lack of awareness. The Council and the businesses have great opportunities for information exchange through technology. It is discovered that network technologies are used more for non market information exchange, an indication why the technology adoption for business has not moved beyond the substitution stage. It is recommended that the Council sensitizes the businesses on network technologies and the potentials therein. The government should explore installation of cheaper and faster internet connectivity as well as enact viable policies to propel market information exchange.

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