Urban Planet - Knowledge towards Sustainable Cities

Elmqvist, T., Bai, X., Frantzeskaki, N., Griffith, C., Maddox, D., McPhearson, T., … Watkins, M. (Eds.). (2018). Urban Planet. doi:10.1017/9781316647554

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Urban Planet - Knowledge towards Sustainable Cities
Cambridge University Press
9781316647554 (online) 9781107196933 (hardback)
Thomas Elmqvist Xuemei Bai Niki Frantzeskaki Corrie Griffith David Maddox Timon McPhearson Susan Parnell Patricia Romero-Lankao David Simon Mark Watkins
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Natural Resource Management Agriculture Horticulture and forestry Ecology and Conservation Life Sciences



Global urbanization promises better services, stronger economies, and more connections; it also carries risks and unforeseeable consequences. To deepen our understanding of this complex process and its importance for global sustainability, we need to build interdisciplinary knowledge around a systems approach. Urban Planet takes an integrative look at our urban environment, bringing together scholars from a diverse range of disciplines: from sociology and political science to evolutionary biology, geography, economics and engineering. It includes the perspectives of often neglected voices: architects, journalists, artists and activists. The book provides a much needed cross-scale perspective, connecting challenges and solutions on a local scale with drivers and policy frameworks on a regional and global scale. The authors argue that to overcome the major challenges we are facing, we must embark on a large-scale reinvention of how we live together, grounded in inclusiveness and sustainability. This title is also available Open Access.

Brings together voices from a wide range of disciplines, helping readers build interdisciplinary approaches to the challenges of global urbanization

Connects challenges and solutions on a local scale with wider scale drivers and policy frameworks, giving readers a much needed cross-scale perspective

This title is also available as Open Access

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