Urban ecosystem services in strategic planning in Swedish municipalities

Sang, Å. O., Hagemann, F. A., Ekelund, N., & Svännel, J. (2021). Urban ecosystem services in strategic planning in Swedish municipalities. Urban Ecosystems. doi:10.1007/s11252-021-01113-7

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Scientific article (peer-reviewed)
Urban Ecosystem Services
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Urban ecosystem services in strategic planning in Swedish municipalities
Urban Ecosystems
1083-8155 1573-1642
Åsa Ode Sang Frederik Aagaard Hagemann Nils Ekelund Jessica Svännel
Published year
Ecology Urban Studies
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Challenges to implementing the urban ecosystem service concept in green infrastructure planning: a view from practitioners in Swedish municipalities




Research to date on urban ecosystem services has mainly been conducted in large cities, particularly in China, the USA and some European countries. This study examined the provision of urban ecosystem services in a Swedish municipality context, based on interviews with municipal stakeholders in strategic management and planning from six municipalities and a review of existing publications readily available to practitioners. The analysis focused on (1) the ecosystem services explicitly covered, (2) whether multifunctionality was covered and specific synergies and trade-offs identified and, (3) the spatial scale and context used for ecosystem services (valuation/mapping, planning, design or maintenance) in practical application. The results showed that regulatory services are very much the focus in municipal operations as well as in publications available to practitioners. This is reflected in the implementation of the concept through problem solving often related to regulatory services, using multifunctionality and win-win situations in ecosystem service supply. These findings contribute to the growing body of work exploring how the concept of ecosystem services is adapted and utilised in practice.

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