Perspectives on accessibility

Legeby, A. & Hansson, S. (2020) Perspectives on accessibility: elaborating on methods and approaches with the aim to improve local living conditions. Mistra Urban Futures Policy Brief 2020:1

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Report/Paper/Working paper/Brief
Accessible Cities
Ann Legeby Stina Hansson
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Accessibility to important functions and urban resources influences living conditions in cities and communities. Many cities are characterized by an unequal distribution of important resources and many citizens are disfavoured because of poor access to opportunities and services. Being excluded from access to important societal facilities has a negative effect on the citizens’ quality of life and reproduces social inequalities. This relates very directly to problems such as urban segregation and increasing social polarization, highly prioritised in city policies as well as highlighted in the UN Urban Development Goals, Agenda 2030. More specifically, this pilot study addresses primarily two of the Urban Development Goals: “Reduce Inequality within and between countries” and “Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable”. The initiative is exploring how access may be understood and not least, improved,

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