Participatory design tools in place branding

Jernsand, E.M. & Kraff, H. (2013). Participatory design tools in place branding. Conference paper presented at the 10th European Academy of Design Conference: Crafting the Future, European Academy of Design (EAD). Gothenburg, Sweden, 2013.

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Conference paper (peer-reviewed)
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Helena Kraff Eva Maria Jernsand
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place branding Participation participatory design design tools



This paper discusses why participatory design tools are suitable for modern place branding. First we give an overview of the academic area of current place branding theory, followed by an overview of the academic area of participatory design. We then discuss problems in place branding theory and how participatory design tools could be used to overcome them. Finally we turn to empirical examples where we have experimented with participatory design tools in a place branding process, ending with a summary and suggestions for further research.

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