The Graveyard Pond Enumeration report

Drivdal, L. & Musungu, K. (2010). The Graveyard Pond Enumeration report. (Unpublished report).

Cape Town
Publication type
Report/Paper/Working paper/Brief
CityLab Programme
Laura Drivdal Kevin Musungu
Published year



The Graveyard Pond is a small and fairly young informal settlement in Philippi, Cape Town. Many of the people living here have moved to this place from backyards, and they are not well connected to outside actors.

This report gives an overview over the statistics of the settlement. It includes information on the residents of Graveyard pond as well as stresses impacting on their livelihoods. In line with the objectives of CORC / SDI, this report is meant to not only provide data, but enable the inhabitants to address their problems as well as connect to and negotiate with other actors like NGOS and local government officials.

One of the most urgent issues seems to be that there are severe flooding problems in the settlement, especially since it is located in a detention pond. Additionally, as the graphs indicate that many of the inhabitants are unemployed (or have only part time jobs), dependant on child grants, are generally young and new to the area, they are particularly vulnerable to such natural disasters.

This report gives an analysis of these problems, in addition to mapping out statistics of the inhabitants.

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