Evaluating Societal Impact of Transdisciplinary Co-Production Processes

Williams, S. (2017) Evaluating Societal Impact of Transdisciplinary Co-Production Processes. Mistra Urban Futures Report 2017:5

Publication type
Report/Paper/Working paper/Brief
Steve Williams
Published year
Impact studies



In addition to the challenges of evaluating societal impact in general, the Mistra Urban Futures
programme poses some additional unique challenges. First, there is an inherent tension between
the needs and goals of individual LIPs and the collective group that is MUF. Each LIP is a unique
context and has its own approaches to achieving sustainable urbanization. At the same time, there
is value in the collective work where a group of LIPs can more effectively highlight issues at a
global level. Evaluation needs to be happening at two different levels - within the LIPs and the
Centre as a whole where the whole is more than the sum of the parts. For example, by articulating
outcomes through the Centre, the secretariat is able to “act up” into international and global
agendas, drawing on comparative work and the work of the LIPs.

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