Digital verktygslåda för god ljudmiljö i stationssamhällen

Larsson, K. (2019) Digital verktygslåda för god ljudmiljö i stationssamhällen. RISE Rapport 2019:93.

Publication type
Report/Paper/Working paper/Brief
Urban station communities
Krister Larsson
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A digital toolbox for good sound environment in station communities
Densification around railway stations and near infrastructure can lead to benefits from the climate and resource efficiency point of view. Living near infrastructure nodes can reduce car dependency and enable more sustainable travel. At the same time, noise from rail traffic causes annoyance and negative health effects for residents, and densification can therefore lead to an increase in the number of people exposed to noise, with increased social costs as a result.
The purpose of the project is to facilitate the implementation of noise measures in the infrastructure at railway stations, thereby enabling climate smart and sustainable densification in public transport-related locations, as well as efficient use of resources at the source. The goal is to compile a digital toolbox with methodology and sample collection for demonstration of technical noise-reducing measures in railway infrastructure.
The digital toolbox contains auralization of different track-close noise measures for different train types, which can be used as a complement to traditional noise predictions to create a more realistic experience of the sound environment. The auralizations are based on recordings of train passages in station-close locations, which have been corrected with calculated insertion losses for the various measures.
In addition, the socio-economic costs of noise and the corresponding benefits for a noise measure are calculated using updated valuation models based on WHO's latest recommendations. The results are compared with the current official Swedish valuation model ASEK.
The project uses co-creation to develop the tool where design and content are prioritized at a workshop together with the intended target group. The tool is openly available and an executable version for PC can be downloaded via The source code is openly accessible via

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