Craft metrics to value co-production

Durose, C., Richardson, L., & Perry, B. (2018). Craft metrics to value co-production. Nature, 562(7725), 32–33. doi:10.1038/d41586-018-06860-w

Sheffield-Manchester Global
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Scientific article (peer-reviewed)
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bibliometrics Co-production



Advocates of co-production encourage collaboration between professional researchers and those affected by that research, to ensure that the resulting science is relevant and useful. Opening up science beyond scientists is essential, particularly where problems are complex, solutions are uncertain and values are salient. For example, patients should have input into research on their conditions, and first-hand experience of local residents should shape research on environmental-health issues.

But what constitutes success on these terms? Without a better understanding of this, it is harder to incentivize co-production in research. A key way to support co-production is reconfiguring that much-derided feature of academic careers: metrics.

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