Covid-19 in real time: comparing the struggle of three slums in Buenos Aires

Gutman. M., Cohen, M. (2021) Executive Summary Covid-19 in real time: comparing the struggle of three slums in Buenos Aires. New York: Observatory on Latin America

Buenos Aires
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Report/Paper/Working paper/Brief
Margarita Gutman Michael Cohen
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Cities coping with COVID-19



This is the story of an early episode in the war against a pandemic whose end is not yet in sight. The struggle is certainly global, but its impact is painfully local. It is a close look at the experience of three vulnerable neighborhoods in the southwest of Buenos Aires City whose trajectories were similar in the first decades, but whose most recent experience and especially during the pandemic have been different.

This research report seeks to explain why some villas in Buenos Aires have been able to respond more effectively than others to the challenges of COVID-19. This is a comparative history of the actions that took place between March and October 2020 in Villa 20, Villa 15, and Villa 1-11-14, including public policies carried out by government agencies, especially the Instituto de Vivienda de la Ciudad (IVC) and the Ministerio de Desarrollo Humano y H bitat (MDHyH), and the active collaboration of local organizations. It offers some insights to help understand why the processes unleashed in each of the neighborhoods have had different impacts on the health of their inhabitants.

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