Comparative Urban Research from Theory to Practice - Co-Production for Sustainability

Simon, D., Palmer, H. & Riise, J. (eds) (2020) Comparative urban research from theory to practice – co-production for sustainability. Policy Press, Bristol, UK 2020

Publication type
Realising Just Cities Implementing the New Urban Agenda and The Sustainable Development Goals: Comparative Urban Perspectives
David Simon Henrietta Palmer Jan Riise
Published year
Comparative research Co-Production



Reporting on the innovative, transdisciplinary research on sustainable urbanisation being undertaken by Mistra Urban Futures, a highly influential research centre based in Sweden, this book builds on the Policy Press title Rethinking Sustainable Cities to make a significant contribution to evolving theory about comparative urban research.
Highlighting important methodological experiences from across a variety of diverse contexts in Africa and Europe, this book surveys key experiences and summarises lessons learned from the MUF’s global research platforms. It demonstrates best practice for developing and deploying different forms of transdisciplinary co-production, covering topics including neighbourhood transformation and housing justice, sustainable urban and transport development, urban food security and cultural heritage.  (Back cover text by Policy Press)

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