Exploring the role of Gender within Labour Market Integration through North–South Collaboration

The objective of this research project, is to use a reciprocal North-South collaboration to explore the use of gender within labour market integration projects, and the impact this has upon the participation, outcomes and co-production. The project takes cue from insights on international migration in Sweden and rural-urban migration in Kenya to produce new knowledge that can lead to more equal, fair and sustainable outcomes for women. Using local case studies from Gothenburg and Kisumu, the following research questions are pursued: 

1.    How does labour market integration consider and use the concept of gender?
2.    What effect does the use of gender have upon the outcomes for women within labour market integration projects?
3.    How can the use of the concept of gender be improved within labour market integration, in Kenya and Sweden, to provide outcomes for women that are equal, fair and sustainable?

This project is part of the SKILLs collaboration. Read more about the SKILLs project.

Sweden–Kenya Interactive Learning Labs 

Photo by: Annie Sprat/Unsplash.com

Project members

  • Shelley Kotze

    Shelley Kotze is employed by BRG within the Urban Rural Gothenburg Research Forum as a project assistant and leading a social project within SKILLs. 

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Mirek Dymitrow

Dr Mirek Dymitrow, researcher, Mistra Urban Futures.Works as research coordinator for Research Forum Urban Rural Gothenburg, the SKILLs collaboration and the Food Value Chain.

Lilian Omondi

Dr. Lilian Omondi is a Researcher at Maseno University.