Eco-city development and SDGs
(Sustainable Development Goals)

The theoretical aspects of Eco-city in Kisumu have been developed. Piloting the theories in Dunga Village has been started in 2018. The strategy is to continue working with the County Government and the City Management in developing a practice towards an Eco-City. The working team will include community members in Dunga who will enable the research showcase how to have an eco-village which will be scalable to the city level.

The project will also consider strategies for developing Eco-Cities with the understanding that the move towards sustainable cities or eco-cities is tied to the SDGs. The team is striving at building on the progress made in 2018 and develop new agenda for the community beyond 2020.
Popular publications for sharing with the community and stakeholders will be prepared. We shall also explore production of a journal paper.

Photo by: Johan Berlin

Project members

  • George Mark Onyango

    George M. Onyango is a researcher at Maseno University (Kenya), School of Planning and Architecture. His special interests are in Urban Planning and Management with emphasis on transportation. Focus of research and consultancies have been in Eastern and Southern Africa.

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Stephen Agong

Professor Stephen Agong is the Director of the Kisumu Local Interaction Platform.

Lilian Omondi

Dr. Lilian Omondi is a Researcher at Maseno University.

John Sande

John Sande is an Environment Officer at the County Government of Kisumu.