Artful Urbanisms

Rike Sitas will continue exploring artful forms of urban enquiry. This will involve collaborating with other ACC researchers in exploring alternative ways of contributing to research streams. Discussions are under way with the food security and food systems to produce a video, photographic and audio series illustrating food systems. This first iteration of this will be exhibited at the ACC Conference. Further collaborations will be explored during the course of the year.

Rike Sitas will also work with artists and other creative practitioners to explore the role of art in urban studies. Rike is currently in discussions with theatre makers to produce an interactive urban / housing comedy game show. The performances will be tested at the ACC Conference. The embedded researcher will contribute to this research through reflection on their work in the Arts and Culture Unit.

In addition to an academic article, we will develop some training materials for developing artful urbanisms. Findings from Artful Urbanisms, the embedded researcher in the Arts and Culture Unit and the Southern Urbanisms / Urban Humanities projects will be shared as part of the Culture, Heritage and the Just City comparative project.