What came next?

Mistra Urban Futures works with sustainable urban development, one of the most important challenges of our time. All projects are carried out together by practitioners and researchers with the goal of realising fair, green and accessible cities. Here you can read more about what happened in some of Mistra Urban Future's projects, as we ask the question - What came next?

Borås resecentrum

Attractive communities near stations

Mistra Urban Future's investment in urban station communities has led to concrete results throughout Western Sweden. Several municipalities have changed their view of attractive areas near travel points, pedestrian streets and other walking routes. Read more


Mie Svennberg

The value of culture in urban development

In recent years, several projects on culture have been carried out within Mistra Urban Futures. Case studies that show the value of the culture, the development of analyses and strategies have led to that culture now can be more easily integrated into urban planning. Read more



Less traffic and more public transport

Public transport in the Gothenburg region should increase to 40 percent by 2025. A co-production project within Mistra Urban Futures has played an important role in achieving this goal. Read more


Bo Aronsson, Älvstaden

Research collaboration – an important heritage from the River City vision 

Global challenges such as climate change, political instability and the world economy played a major role when the River City vision was developed. The City of Gothenburg highlights the importance of collaborating with researchers. Read more


Hans Abrahamsson

A change of perspectives can create socially sustainable cities

Eight perspectives that can – if changed – create fair and socially sustainable cities. This is a result of the KAIROS project that Mistra Urban Futures has invested in. Read more