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Citiscope News August 2015

Towards Habitat III - next year, in October 2016, Habitat III will take place in Quito, Ecuador. It is 20 years since Habitat II in Istanbul and urban development issues have changed in many ways. Photo: Cayambe/Wikimedia Commons.

Final Negotiations for Urban Sustainable Development Goals Concluded 

UN Member States reached a consensus on the final framework for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) that will replace the Millennium Goals in 2016. Unlike the previous goals, the SDG's covers targets and indicators for all countries - not only the poorest - and for the first time they also include cities and urban-specific development goals, not only entire countries. The Habitat III conference is mentioned as an important step in the process. Greg Scruggs is the correspondent of Citiscope for Habitat III - read his report here

Urban Dialogues Inform the Habitat III preparations

A digital message board set up by UN-Habitat under the name of Urban Dialogues attracted 10,000 users from 179 countries took part in the discussions and hundreds of posts were published on the six broad themes for discussion. The discussions are being documented and will form part of the bases for the final recommendations being drafted bu the thematic groups. Read more.

Background Story: What is Habitat III?

The global summit called Habitat III , or more formally, the United Nations Conference on Housing and Stustainable Urban Development, takes place in Quito, Ecuador, 17-20 October 2016. This is the first time in 20 years that the international community and national governments will have a chance to harmonize their understanding of problems as well as challenges and opportunities in urban development on a global scale. See Citiscope's "Explainer" for more background information.

Innovative Financing Needed for Urban Futures

Cities allover the world are struggling to provide the everyday services to their citizens and at the same time fund large infrastructure projects for the future. Large external challenges, out of cities' control, add to the problems. The subject of financing has to be a more prominent feature in planning, writes George W McCarthy, president and CEO of the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in a Citiscope Commentary. Read the whole story.


Towards Habitat III

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