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Presence at the Swedish political week Almedalen

This year’s presence at the Swedish political week Almedalen will focus on Migration, the Sustainable Development Goals, climate and the civil society´s role in relation to housing.
Date: 19 Jun

45 miljoner kronor till forskning om hållbar konsumtion

"Sustainable consumption – from niche to mainstream" är ett nytt forskningsprogram från Stiftelsen för miljöstrategisk forskning, Mistra, med syfte att undersöka möjligheter att minska konsumtionens miljöpåverkan.
Date: 13 Jun

Land of Opportunities

Strengthening place-based potential and opportunities may be a more productive strategy than a re-distribution of resources on a regional or national level when it comes to rural municipalities where depopulation is an everyday reality.
Date: 13 Jun


Time: 16:30
Location: Almedalen, Teaterskeppet, Stora matsalen

Time: 00:00
Location: Imperial Hotel Kisumu

Rethinking Sustainable Cities

Open Access book Rethinking sustainable cities - Accessible, green and fair. Published by: Policy Press. Edited by: David Simon. Read more

Co-production in action

Open Access book Co-production in action: towards realising just cities. Published by: Mistra Urban Futures. Edited by: Henrietta Palmer och Helen Walasek. Read more




























































































































































































































































































































Funders and Consortium
Mistra Urban Futures is financed by Mistra, the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research, Sida, the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, and a consortium constituted by several organisations in the Gothenburg region, combined with key international partners.