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Integrating urban agendas

Integrating local and global agendas The value of community-embedded, collaborative and comparative research is at the centre of a new blog post by Professor David Simon, director of Mistra Urban Futures. It was published today (12 July 2016) at two of OECD's major blogs: the '...
Date: 12 Jul

Climate, health and digitalisation

The Swedish political week in Almedalen, Visby, is the annual meeting place of policy makers, lobbyists, researchers, public service, NGOs and private companies. From a scientific community perspective, this year’s meetings are particularly interesting as the Swedish government...
Date: 06 Jul

Shaping the New Urban Agenda

Shaping the New Urban Agenda The ‘New Urban Agenda’ is the outcome document of the Habitat III meeting, that will guide nations, regions, cities and other actors in urban development issues for the next two decades. A firs draft was published in early May, and a revised 'Zero...
Date: 04 Jul



Time: 08:30
Location: Lindholmen Conference Center

Time: 09:00
Location: Chalmers Conference Centre

Time: 08:30
Location: Chalmers Conference Center

Rethinking Urban Citizenship

Kisumu Kenya

Citiscope reports from Urban Thinkers Forum in Mannheim, Germany, and about a meeting in Nigeria to find a common vision for African cities. Photo: Rotsee2/Wikimedia

Mistra Urban Futures First Annual Conference

Realising Just Cities

The first of a series Annual Conferences takes place in Gothenburg, Sweden, 19-20 September 2016.




























































































































































































































































































































Funders and Consortium
Mistra Urban Futures is financed by Mistra, the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research, Sida, the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, and a consortium constituted by several organisations in the Gothenburg region, combined with key international partners.