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Strengthening place-based potential and opportunities may be a more productive strategy than a re-distribution of resources on a regional or national level when it comes to rural municipalities where depopulation is an everyday reality.

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The words of Navin Ramsoondur, Mayor of Vacoas-Phoenix in Mauritius, summarised well this year’s ICLEI Resilient Cities congress. More than 400 representatives from local governments, cities and regions all over the world gathered in Bonn in early May for the congress. The need for new partnerships and collaborative efforts at many levels in many ways characterised the programme.

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Stop underestimating your ability to respond to migration, write Mistra Urban Futures board member Caroline Winjuku Kihato and co-authors. City recommendations include 'know thy partners': a deep understanding of humanitarian and development work is needed.

Cape Town City Hall photo Martinvl WIkimedia Commons

The difference between government and governance may be significant, the latter not necessarily being as transparent and not always part of public knowledge.

Cities are sites of crisis and opportunity. In a context of rapid social change and austerity, the effectiveness of traditional systems of urban governance is in doubt. Jam and Justice: Co-Producing Urban Governance for Social Innovation aims to create a unique space to co-produce, test and learn from more inclusive ways of governing cities.

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