Carl Mossfeldt

Carl Mossfeldt

Carl works independently to support companies and public bodies in their efforts to drive systemic change.

In recent years, most of his work has centred around urban development, with a particular focus on the role that well designed public interventions can play to influence broader market developments. 

In this context, Carl has and continues to be deeply engaged with the large scale urban developments currently taking place in Gothenburg, Sweden. 

His engagement here is partly of a very practical kind - working to provide strategic and operational support to the key public bodies involved. Increasingly, this engagement also involves more theoretical research, with a particular focus on the intersection of theory and practice. 

Carl was formerly the CEO of the Tällberg Foundation, a strategic think tank with a mission to develop new governance models better suited to the challenges of the 21st Century.

He started his career in strategy consulting for the financial services in London and has significant experience in designing and supporting strategic and organisational change efforts in both the public and private sector. He has also worked extensively with leadership development. 

Carl was educated at Oxford University where he read Philosophy, Politics and Economic, and at Cambridge University where he studied Philosophy and History of Ideas.  

Carl is a World Fellow at Yale University.