Administration and Communication Guide

This guide is aimed at all involved in Mistra Urban Futures projects at the Gothenburg Local Interaction Platform. The purpose of the guide is to give clear guidance on how the projects are managed and reported and how the GOLIP staff can support the projects.

The aim is shared project management for all Mistra Urban Futures projects, one practitioner and one researcher. However, assuring the administrative tasks for the project is assigned to one of the project managers, so it is clear who is accountable. The tasks can be delegated to a project coordinator, but the responsibility remains with the project manager. The project manager(s) report to the GOLIP Director.

Accurate and complete reporting is essential to Mistra Urban Futures. With the following links, you, as Project Leaders and Members, can report the publications and events in which you have been actively participating. You can proceed to 2016 events and publications reporting through the year. Please ensure that all events and publications have been reported via the following links by mid-January 2017.

To report events

To report publications


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